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How to hack Zoom's native functionality to get the best recordings

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Before we dive into Zoom, we want to caveat that Zoom video recordings are not of great quality. Even though we can help you optimize your output, Zoom’s “maximum quality” leaves a lot to be desired. Find some tips here on how to hack Zoom recordings.

If you decide recording with Zoom still works best for you, follow the steps below to get the best results for editing:

1. Use your laptop camera or another external camera (if applicable), not your front-facing “selfie” phone camera.

2. Optimize your video settings. Go to Preferences >> Video:

  • Select 16:9 (Widescreen)

  • Select Enable HD

  • Disable Touch up my appearance

  • Choose camera (for external camera feed)

3. Optimize your recording editing settings. Go to Preferences >> Recording:

  • Record separate audio file for each participant

  • Optimize for third party video editor

  • Record video during screen sharing (not usually relevant)

4. Optimize your audio settings. Go to Preferences >> Audio:

  • Depending on your room (background noise or echo for example), you can choose to active/deactivate certain options (e.g. echo cancellation). See more details here.

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Tyler Scott
Tyler Scott
May 23, 2023

You can use, for example, these free screen recording apps, so the quality will be much better

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