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About WellMode

By practitioners for practitioners.


At WellMode we know wellness is personal and so is your practice. Wellness practitioners thrive on connection: to ourselves, our students, our communities, the world. As the demand for digital wellness offerings expands, you have the opportunity to connect to your network in dynamic new ways—beyond the studio.

Yet navigating technology might feel overwhelming. Leading a class is one thing. Generating high-quality videos is a whole other ball game.

So where does one begin?

Enter WellMode.


WellMode meets you at the intersection of inspiration and motivation by fusing a passion for wellness with MIT-backed technology.


Our stellar team helps you produce expertly curated, beautifully crafted digital content that broadens your reach, grows your business, and, most importantly, highlights your voice and vision.


By working with you to edit, host, and monetize your online content, WellMode offers peace of mind, so you can create from the heart. All you have to do is show up, shine your light, and we’ll take it from there. It’s that simple.

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Meet the team



Cameron began practicing yoga to elevate her flexibility and endurance for ballet, but soon the physical practice became a way of life, complete with spiritual growth, mental flexibility and emotional acceptance. Her journey took her to MIT where she found herself at the intersection of balance and business. As a yoga teacher, meditation practitioner and retreat leader she is passionnate about empowering wellness entrepreneurs to reach their goals. She is motivated by a world where wellness is truly accessible and representative for all.


There is a teacher and guide for every student and WellMode wants to help you meet yours.


Rebecca has been practicing yoga for 20 years and is a certified teacher. Her personal practice is a constant guide for her professional endeavors – dwelling where conscious and moral leadership help propel an industry forward. With her most recent gig at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health as the head of marketing, Rebecca reshaped the role the organization had as a market leader and ultimately grew the number of guest visits to the retreat center to 40,000 annually. 

Rebecca’s passion for both business entrepreneurs and contemplative practices makes WellMode the perfect place to invest her heart and soul, while bringing budding practitioners and business owners together to create something beautiful for the world to consume. 



Babette started her career as a strategy consultant in the healthcare sector, working with hospitals and payers to improve patient results while keeping care affordable and accessible. She became aware of the reactive nature of healthcare and interested in preventive care to improve overall wellbeing. As an accredited yoga instructor, Babette is attracted to practices we can all apply to our daily lives, including good nutrition, sports, meditation, and yoga. Today Babette is focusing her energy on Wellmode, empowering fellow yoga practitioners to make the transition to digital and improving the wellbeing of people around the world.


At MIT, Babette discovered entrepreneurship and after working for an inspiring healthcare technology startup found the perfect match in WellMode.

Join us on the journey

At WellMode, we believe in finding well moments, connecting deeply and creatively, and living our values outside of work.

If you’re excited to be a part of a people-driven startup, enjoy creating value and success for customers, and like to stretch you mind and body, let’s talk.

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Consider yourself a curious problem solver and want to work with us?

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