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5 steps to optimize your Zoom class recording with QuickTime Player

It’s frustrating when you’ve just finished teaching a live class on Zoom, and are left with a class recording that is low quality and hard to watch. Get around Zoom’s resolution limitations by screen recording your laptop with a tool like QuickTime Player. Using a screen recording tool will allow you to capture your screen at its native resolution and avoid relying on the output from Zoom’s recording feature. Below are 5 steps to get a higher quality recording with QuickTime Player:

1. Download and launch QuickTime Player.

2. Go to File >> New Screen Recording (not new movie recording).

3. Make sure to include sound by using the drop-down button (i.e. select internal microphone).

4. Press record, and choose whether to record the whole screen or drag and drop a window to select a portion.

5. After you’re done recording, go to File>>Save and select to save it at the highest resolution.

Note: As a failsafe, we recommend also selecting to record your class with Zoom. This way, if there are unforeseen issues with QuickTime, you will have a backup copy.

Comment below if you've tried this process and if you have any questions! As always, if you need help with your on-demand library, reach out to chat with our team.

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