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3 tactics to get high-res recordings of your live Zoom classes

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

While the Zoom recording functionality is great, often the quality of the recording is less so. Zoom enforces a cap on the recording quality, resulting in videos that are artificially lower resolution than your laptop can produce. Below are our hacks on getting around Zoom’s limitations to produce higher-res videos:

Use your phone in tandem

The best option is to set up your phone next to your laptop (find tips for tripods in this article) and record yourself on your phone while broadcasting to your students via Zoom on your laptop. Be sure to coordinate your audio and visual setup with both devices. By using your phone and laptop in tandem, you can connect with your students while ensuring high video quality (find tips on recording with your phone here). Just pay attention to the framing of your phone and make sure to look directly into your phone camera, and not your laptop camera - though both should be located within inches of each other.

Use a screen recording tool

The second-best option is to use a screen recording tool like ScreenFlow or QuickTime Player (here are step-by-step instructions for using QuickTime), instead of relying on the output from Zoom’s built-in recording feature. Using a screen recording tool will allow you to capture your screen at its native resolution rather than adhering to Zoom’s limitations. It’s better to use your laptop in this case, as front-facing (“selfie”) phone cameras typically have lower quality lenses, and you’d want to use a front-facing camera if you’d like to see yourself and your students on Zoom.

Optimize Zoom’s settings to use directly

If you choose to use the Zoom recording function (or Zoom in general), you should make sure both your and your students’ internet connections are strong and stable. It’s also best to use your laptop here instead of your front-facing phone camera. We go into greater detail on this strategy and specific steps to take to optimize your Zoom settings here.


Ultimately, it’s totally feasible to teach great, live classes while also adding to your on-demand video library. Reach out to us if you’ve had success with any of these tips, have questions, or need help editing and monetizing your recordings.

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