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3 Steps to Building your Brand with Digital Content

At WellMode, we know online wellness is here to stay. Recent research from Forbes magazine share that 9 in 10 Americans who exercise regularly at home will continue to even when gyms re-open. That means thousands of teachers will get online to share their practices and meet students from all over the world. Whether you decide to teach live classes, partner with others to lead retreats and workshops, or record content to share asynchronously, your digital content will show the world what makes your practice truly unique.

Engage Current Students

Now that it's easier than ever to access wellness content online, it's important to engage your current students and create consistency with your offering and brand.

  1. Create a weekly newsletter, social media post or web page that shares your upcoming classes and allows students to sign up in advance.

  2. Survey your student base to understand their preference for online content. Some students prefer shorter classes and others may want to go deep on a particular topic area or workshop. Getting to know the changing needs of your student base will allow you to make data-driven decisions for your business.

  3. Develop unique offerings that differ from your normal online schedule. Take the learnings from your survey to build our monthly workshops/retreats or class series that builds on a specific topic or skill. Check our our video series page to see what WellMode's partners are creating to engage their students outside of class

9 in 10 Americans who exercise regularly at home will continue to even when gyms re-open - Fortune Magazine

Build your Brand

We're no strangers to social media, but knowing how to use it effectively takes some planning and strategy. How you build your brand on your website, social media channels and in person should be aligned. If you haven't already defined your core values or distilled what makes your practice truly 'yours', start by creating 3 values/feelings/statements that define your brand.

  1. Set goals for your brand strategy. Do you want to meet new students, become know for your specific modality or teach style, earn additional revenue, grow your following, etc. By stating your specific goal your plan should aim to directly impact this goal with each action.

  2. Define your strategy for each platform you use. Do you post to instagram every day or only on days you have class? Do you post the same content on instagram as you do on Facebook, Twitter or other channels? Create your plan and stick to it to maintain consistency with your student base.

  3. Create clear messages with each post. Decide where you want to drive your student's attention. Perhaps you want a new course offering to be top of mind. You could post on instagram and create a link in your bio to lead directly to your course purchase page. Be intentional and clear about what value you are driving and how it helps achieve your goals.

  4. Find partners to cross-promote with. At WellMode we love sharing our partner's classes to our student network. If you teach a class or workshop with another teacher you have access to their student base and vice-versa.

Grow your Offering

Getting online is no easy feat. Between teaching live classes, connecting with students, planning ahead and running a business there is little time to do much else. At WellMode we help wellness entrepreneurs manage and grow their business so you can focus on creating and connecting!

  1. Create a video library for students that can't make it to your regular classes. This can be classes that you record from live sessions or one-off recordings that you sell individually, as a series or as a subscription. Talk to our team about what would work best for your business goals.

  2. Offer private sessions for individuals or groups. We've heard stories from many students wanting to change up their zoom social events and looking to do something creative or healthy.

  3. Seek out corporate or partnership opportunities. At-home wellness is important as companies continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future. In place of workplace amenities, many businesses are hiring wellness practitioners to guide employees in fitness and mindfulness practices.

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