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Creating videos at home part 2: Composing your video shot

5 tips for composing your video shot

  1. Shoot horizontally.

  2. Put your mat horizontally or at a slight angle. If horizontally, make sure it’s parallel to the bottom and top of your recording screen.

  3. Study the rule of thirds and be deliberate about where in the frame you place yourself. This fundamental composition rule states that if you would divide your shot into thirds horizontally and vertically (imagine a tic-tac-toe grid on your screen), the subject should be framed at the intersection of the lines to create the most balanced shot. Don’t just apply it, but play with it and be deliberate in your choice.

  4. Leave enough headroom and check that you can see your whole body (feet/hands should not be cut off when moving).

  5. Always start with a test run before filming the whole thing, and adjust your composition if necessary.

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