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Creating videos at home part 4: Enhancing your audio

5 tips for enhancing audio

  1. Use wireless headphones (e.g. AirPods) or a body microphone when not talking directly into the recording device. In the case of the latter, avoid hitting the microphone while moving around.

  2. When not using a body microphone, try to isolate the room to minimize echo (e.g. by putting pillows, foam, or blankets on the walls out of sight). Also, be extra aware of background noise.

  3. An alternative to recording audio and video at the same time is to record a voiceover (VO) separately. When shooting videos to prepare for VO, leave small pauses between steps to provide time for narration and to allow the option to add well-spaced captions.

  4. Music can be tricky, for both licensing and audio-quality issues. Best to forgo music while filming and either add licensed music during the editing process and/or send students a playlist.

  5. When recording your class via Zoom, make sure to save a separate audio file for each participant. Go to preferences, and then to recording settings, and enable the recording of separate audio files. For more tips on how to record your class via Zoom, see our blog.

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