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Creating videos at home part 1: Setting up your space

Like many in the wellness space, we've struggled over the last few months to move online and create compelling content at home. Through trial and error, we've developed a set of recommendations for creating high-quality videos with basic equipment without leaving home (or spending crazy sums of money). We've compiled these into a series, each consisting of 5 simple tips, of which this is part 1.

5 tips for setting up your space

  1. Use a quiet background, preferably a long light-colored wall of at least 10 feet (e.g. white walls without too many things on the walls). Light walls tend to create a more clean or neutral look.

  2. Create a calm space by removing clutter and distracting objects. Ensure there isn’t anything moving in your background (i.e. a fan)

  3. Have practice objects such as balls and blocks within reach (either in or out of camera sight, but neatly organized when in sight).

  4. Wear clothing that enables students to clearly see your poses. It is best to wear clothing that is in contrast with your background.

  5. Set up your room and position your camera in the same way when shooting a video in multiple shots or creating a video series. This creates consistency within and across your videos. We recommend putting a sticker where you place your camera. Preferably you also shoot during the same time of day, or with the same lighting setup. Be aware that if there are differences between the shots, it will be harder to cut and paste and make shots transition smoothly.

To read more in the series, navigate the links below:

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