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Join us for a dynamic journey into the Koshas - the five layers/sheaths of awareness and the elements embodied within each. This video series includes an introduction to the philosophy of the Koshas, a guided Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) that takes you through these layers, a video that highlights a yoga asana practice for each of the layers and elements, and a full gentle-moderate 1.5 hour yoga asana class that weaves together the whole exploration. 


These Embodyoga® videos will take you on a spiralic journey through annamaya kosha (earth element), pranamaya kosha (water element), manomaya kosha (fire element), vijñanamaya (air element), and anandamaya kosha (ether element). Throughout the journey we invoke the ultimate presence of the indwelling One, helping you to perceive yourself and the nature of reality more clearly.


The videos are appropriate for: 

  • Anyone seeking self-understanding and deeper embodiment

  • Yoga practitioners of all levels, abilities and traditions

  • Those seeking to join yoga philosophy with embodied experience

Embodyoga: Exploring the Koshas and Associated Elements

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