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Retreat yourself with our 90 minute at-home retreat!


Purchase includes:

-90 minute retreat

-WellMode gift box


Our WellMode gift box is complete with a few of our favorite things to reset, reflect and reimagine at home! This curated gift box features products from small businesses and includes a WellMode journal, energizing & relaxing teas, sage & palo santo, WellMode candle, and affirmation cards. Create space for small rituals that will help you live every day with purpose & intention. 


Set your WellMode with our suggested introductory box & visit for more recommendations!

WellMode At Home Retreat

  • 90 minute retreat & WellMode box including:

    -Candle by Wellmode

    -Tea by Art of Tea

    -Journal by WellMode

    -Affirmation Cards by WellMode

    -Sage & Palo Santo

  • Video delivers immediately

    Shipping is included with ground delivery (typically 2-7 business days).

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