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5 Self-Care Tips to Improve Your Daily Routine

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

These past few months, quarantine has taken a toll on everyone. Staying indoors, in front of the same screen everyday, it’s easy to fall into bad routines. Days and nights blend together and months can go by before you realize you’re in a slump.

That’s why it’s important to do those small things everyday to take care of yourself. They keep you accountable for yourself and can help you feel a sense of accomplishment when you do them. Here are a few tips for things I’ve incorporated into my daily routines.

1. Find an inspirational quote to live by.

This sounds cheesy but it’s helped me live my life with more intention. The quote that I’ve found speaks to me is:

“What if Heaven is real, but only in moments?” - David Mitchell.

Find those little moments in life. Find those little moments that bring a smile to your face, like when you see a baby reaching for an ice cream cone. If you live your life searching for those moments, you’ll be able to live with fewer regrets and more smiles.

2. Take an hour away from the screen to do something you enjoy.

It’s easy to get lost in social media. I know I do all the time. But is being on social media all the time truly an enjoyable experience for you? If it’s not, make sure to take some time away from the screen to do something you really enjoy. I recently got an embroidery kit and have been doing some embroidery in my free time. It’s a calming experience that helps me wind down from the day or take a break from my work.

Find something that makes you happy. Pick up a book or a new hobby and get started!

3. For every 20 minutes you spend in front of a screen, make sure to look out the window for 20 seconds.

If you’re constantly in front of a computer, I find that this is a really helpful tip. Your eyes are really valuable and it’s important to give them a break from the screen habitually. Sometimes, on days filled with meetings, it’s hard to take those long breaks away from the screen, but we can always spare 20 seconds to look away from the screen.

4. Take time to be active everyday. Go for a walk if you can or just stretch.

In pre-quarantine times, it was easier to be active. We had to walk around for the little things in life - to get to work, to get to class, or to meet up with friends. Now, staying at home, it’s easy to find that by the end of the day, you’ve only taken 200 steps. That’s not good for your mental or physical health. Take some time to be active everyday, whether it’s an at-home workout, a walk, or a stretch routine. A stretch routine might not sound like much, but I’ve found it to be really helpful for me. On days when I’m just too tired to do a full workout, I can still summon the energy for a stretch routine. It’s helped keep me consistently in tune with my body.

If you want access to wonderful at-home yoga and meditation, check out our WellMode courses.

5. Stay hydrated. Drink something you enjoy everyday.

Drinking water is really important, but almost everyone knows that. I find it’s just as vital to drink something you enjoy everyday. If that’s water for you, that’s amazing. For me, it’s hot chocolate. It can really help improve my mood and mindset after hours of working by just holding a mug of hot chocolate and sipping it.

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