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Accessible Yoga with Malaika

In this four-part yoga series, you will go deep in a compassionnate sequence that allows for optionality and intentionality based on your level. Malaika's course includes vinyasa style yoga focusing on mobility, alignment, balance and breath. Move through poses with deep intention to honor your body and capabilities right now. By staying in the poses a little longer you will go deeper into your capabilities. Great for beginners!


Malaika Bonafide

Malaika became a 200HR-RYT in 2015 after practicing yoga for several years and developing a deep personal practice. Teaching yoga, creating jewelry & crafts has become her passion and her peace of mind.

Malaika in action

Excited about this series?


Business Values

Empowerment, Body Positivity, Rootedness, Growth and Creativity



Malaika took her yoga practice to the next level through teacher training. By taking advantage of an opportunity to enhance her own practice, now shares her unique teaching style with students in Cambridge and online.


Fun Fact

Ms. Bonafide Creations began as maternity leave hobby in 2006 creating handmade original one of a kind beaded jewelry, accessories, soy candles and seasonal/holiday items. 

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