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Lit Yoga: The Plant Enhanced Practice

This series is created for those looking to explore their depths and expand their perspective. With the invitation to consume cannabis prior to these practices, this series offers a holistic insight into the body, mind and spirit by way of a psychoactive lens. The practices include yoga (asana), breathwork (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana). Accessible for all levels.

The series 

Hannah Mason

Hannah Mason is a movement and breath educator, herbalist, plant medicine activist and the founder of Lit Yoga. 

Hannah discovered yoga and cannabis while studying dance growing up in San Francisco, CA. She knew instantly that plants and movement practices would hold her through the often unpredictable and ecstatic journey of life. With a commitment to exploring the complexities of the body-mind-spirit connection for healing and transformation, Hannah pairs herbs with yoga practices to expand awareness and create balance.

Hannah in action
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Business Values

Lit Yoga, a pioneer in the cannabis wellness space, opened the world's first cannabis yoga studio in Venice, CA in 2017. With an emphasis on education, community building, and propelling the psychedelic renaissance forward - Lit Yoga is revitalizing the ancient pairing of cannabis with yoga practices.

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Hannah began teaching yoga after studying many different movement styles through dance, as well as diving deep in somatic awareness through Body-Mind Centering. Navigating life with expansive breath, self-awareness, and ease of movement brought so much joy and beauty into her life - sharing these practices and knowledge has been undoubtedly part of Hannah’s purpose here on Earth.

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Fun Fact

The innovative studio in Los Angeles offers in person and virtual classes, as well as a signature Teacher Training program. With over 50 certified Lit Yoga teachers nationwide, the mission to heal through plants and yoga is blooming.

Root to Rise

Root to Rise

Opening to Insight

Opening to Insight

Integrate & Align

Integrate & Align

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